Smoke alarm legislation can be a confusing issue for many property owners as it varies from State to State. According to NSW legislation, the landlord is responsible for ensuring there is at least one working smoke alarm installed in every level of a property.

Smoke alarms must be installed on or near the ceiling of every corridor associated with a bedroom, so this may mean that more than one is required on some floors. Where there are no bedrooms on a storey a smoke alarm must be installed in the path of travel that tenants are likely to take when evacuating.

Smoke alarms can be either hardwired or battery operated. While it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that the smoke alarm works at the start of a tenancy, it is the tenant’s responsibility to replace batteries. This can cause issues where tenants may not be able to reach smoke alarms or ignore/remove beeping alarms.

We work closely with our investment property owners and smoke alarm compliance companies to ensure that the properties we manage are compliant. Part of the benefit of having a compliance subscription is that it includes unlimited visits if there are faults and includes a 24 hotline anytime there are beeping alarms. This reduces the risk of tenants removing a beeping alarm in the middle of the night!

For the maximum cost of $99 per year per property, we think its great value for the peace of mind. Please contact Progressive Property if you would like more information.